Health and Wellness means different things to different people. 

I have been re-fining what health and wellness mean to me over the past 2 years and this is what my definition includes:

It is 80% nutrition, mindset, stress management (breathing, meditation, movement, being in nature), gratitude practice, connection and discipline and 20 % exercise I have implemented this over the past 2 years and over this past year the last of my stress weight from living and managing a life with very  high cortisol has shifted with ease to one of a lot less stress, more ease, a better work-life balance, more daily movement. And I'm so grateful. 

It took me having a few health scares and crises to really look and implement more balance into my life over this past 2 years. Before that, I was always healthy, moved a lot, had a great handle on my nutrition but I was overworking and didn't have a handle on my stress levels. I know that the more stressed I was, the less I breathed....the more cortisol was coursing through my body. I look back at pics when I opened the clinic when my stress was highest, and I compare this with how I look now.... My lifestyle is so different now and much more balanced, with time in nature every day to recharge, slow down and time to unwind. 

And I realise that I look more radiant and youthful 8 years later....That's crazy right! 

What have you learnt from your body? 

Sit Up and Listen  

So many clients that I have seen over the years have been young, driven and work focussed individuals with high stress demanding jobs who sustained neurological impairments some of these clients where all given a clean bill of health on review and the only factor influencing or contributing to their strokes was high stress.... This made me sit up and listen and reflect... Was I heading down the same path? This got me thinking What life changes could I implement to reduce the risk and incidence of this happening to me so I can continue to serve and help others in need of what I have to offer and share.🤗🤗🤗 

I am so grateful for everything that I am exposed to and all my health crises and injuries and experiences over the years for they have all guided me to this moment


But what I found out recently during a documentary interview I was watching was that stress increases our inflammatory markers which place us at risk of developing several disorders and strokes are one of them,

Comment below. I'd love to hear about your journeys 

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