Your body is an interconnected system. Injury in the body does not happen in isolation in one organ without the whole body being affected or influenced.

For this reason, in order to heal, you have to look at your whole body system. Injury doesn't happen in isolation. Therefore healing happens when you involve and look at your whole body system. 

My fascination with the miraculous nature of the body has come through my own transformational journey with my own body. 

Involving, healing, and focussing on my whole body system, has helped me, 

healed my body, 

calmed and healed my nervous system

detoxed my body from toxins (both emotional and physical)

healed my gut and deepened my gut knowing 

healed and reversing my EBV symptoms

If you are someone who is highly strung, who thrives on adrenaline then maybe you can relate to what I am about to share with you. 

Before, in fact, for as long as I can remember, I have always been highly strung, nervous, anxious, worried about what others thought, how I came across to people. Yes, I was a people pleaser. Can you relate?

It took getting health conditions to break this programming. because this was harming my body. 

I didn't really see the true value and transformation I facilitated and helped people achieve, I undervalued my gifts and my true power of my abilities and gifts. In fact, whilst I've never liked being pigeonholed, I did this to myself in how I showed up. Only parts of me were allowed to show up in specific environments because it felt unsafe to allow all of me to show up fully. Can you relate?

I undervalued my purpose because I undervalued myself. I did not know my real worth! Can you relate?

It took doing the inner work, working on healing past trauma, healing old wounds, shifting my beliefs, programming, and healing my body from the inside out to change all of this. And it has been worth every second spend doing this. 

I am different because of this.

My body is different because of this. 

I show up differently because of this 

My truth is different because of this

What I see and how I interact and react is different because of this

My relationship with my body and myself is different because of this.

The past 24 months I have deepened my journey of self-discovery and learning 

  • to fully love myself, all of me!
  • to truly value the gifts I have to share 
  • to see the potential of what I have to bring, share with my clients that are unique to me, and the transformation that my work facilitates and helps others achieve.

 Through all of this, I came back to me!

I relearned to love myself fully and through this journey of 

  • self-love, 
  • self-acceptance
  • self-awareness

My body healed

I became aware of more gifts I have to share 

You have no idea how amazing it feels to be in a body with a healthy calm nervous system. You see if you are constantly running on adrenalin, like I did for many years during my working day, your body constantly in a fight, flight, freeze mode. This causes your cortisol levels to rise, it plays havoc on your hormones, you gain weight, your adrenals are overworked, all this stress causes inflammation in your body and ultimately harms your body from the inside. 

Healing can only take place in a body with a calm nervous system when you tap into the parasympathetic nervous system. This allows rest, digestion, healing, and regeneration to take place.

I can't even put a price on how amazing it feels to be able to be a calm present-centered body. The reset switch has been flipped and this is a new way and it feels profoundly amazing!

To live a healthy life, you need the majority of your time to be spent in your parasympathetic nervous system and only a little time in the sympathetic nervous system.    But the go-go-go nature of life in this world has flipped the switch on things and most people spend too much time in the sympathetic nervous system and not enough time in the parasympathetic nervous system. This causes internal stress in the body, which pushes the levels of inflammation up in the body that causes silent invisible damage over time on the inside until it becomes visible on the outside.  

I can testify to having been one of these individuals before. I made significant life changes that have helped me achieve more harmony and balance in my life and a healthy body. 

If you are serious about your body, and your health, you have to be willing to make and implement changes (some may feel uncomfortable) your body needs in order to heal fully. 

If you are not willing to take action, then it's just talk or it's just unused knowledge, like expensive books sitting on a shelf not read and just looking pretty. I know I was here once upon a time, where I said: Next time, not right now, maybe in a few months I will be ready. 

But there is never a perfect time to start something

You only have now. This is something that I learnt and, since then, I have seized every opportunity that has come my way and leaning in when I have been called to say yes to something big.  

Only you get to decide how you do things. 

Only you get to decide what you are willing to do 

Only you get to decide how far you are willing to go for your body

Are you ready to go the distance for your body, your healing, and your health?

Love and Blessings 

Natalie xx

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