I'm travelling abroad next Thursday and I thought I'd share with you some of the tricks and things I've cultivated over the years through trial and error of what works for me to keep me firing on all cylinders when I do long haul travelling.  

My Favourite snacks for the plane: 

Travel with 2 spare small Tupperware containers with 2 boiled eggs peeled and cut up and 1 whole avocado cut up topped with olive oil and Himalayan salt  (Himalayan salt is packed with good minerals and nutrients as well)

Ginger shot to boost my immunity before the flight takes off. 

I find a healthy salad at Pret or Eat in the airport and take it on board as a meal for a healthy alternative to ensure that I get my veg quota especially as I am travelling. ....

If I know I'd like a treat on my flight as an alternative to what they offer on board, some of my go-to treats that I pack in are:   

Bone broth Chocolate shake sachets with my glass shake bottle 

Ready snack pack shots for collagen protein and Matcha green tea powder for a healthy boosting Matcha Latte 

My favourites are: 

bulletproof collagen bars  

Pip and nut almond butter or macadamian nut butter sachets 

Small pack raw nuts

I know this might seem like a lot of work, but when Health and Wellness is your number 1 value, then it is no effort at all. Why? Because I value having an abundance of energy and feeling really good and energised by the foods I eat. It has taken me a while to develop this health regime but it is so worth it. 

What are your favourite snacks? 

What does your travelling health regime include?

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