There have been times when I've been numbed by pain and not wanted to feel as a teenager and young adult. But to feel is to be human.  And our emotions need to be acknowledged, honoured and celebrated no matter what.I've always been sensitive and felt deeply and thought in the past that, this was not ok. Or that something was wrong because I felt more than others around me.  But in dulling down feelings is to be disingenuous and not honour and acknowledge what I felt in the past or what I am feeling. I would bottle my feelings instead of feeling, liberating them and letting them pass. By doing this I realised I had made myself sick. 

It took me a lifetime to learn this and over the past 10 years, I have really worked on this.No matter what the emotion is that is surfacing to be processed, felt, honoured. I do this now. For to feel it is to recognise what I am feeling at that moment and allow it to just be. Therein lies the gift

There is so much strength in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable

There is strength in acknowledging how you feel (not making it right or wrong)

There is strength in feeling and sitting with it and processing it

There is strength in taking the time for you

For you are worth it

Feeling is a part of life

There is growth in feeling

This is something that I share with so many of my amazing clients.

To feel is to be alive

Here's to feeling alive more and in every moment

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