Today I woke up and felt compelled to write this 

I was really feeling into what messages were coming through thought this morning. I feel this message is for each and every one of us and hence I wanted to share it with you 

I am a warrior

I am brave

I am bold

I am courageous

I am light

I am grateful

I am powerful beyond measure

I am a  magnificent being

I am strong

I am creative

I am a magnet for attracting beautiful people into my life

I am flexible

I am dynamic

I am a beacon of light 

I am joyous

I am radiant 

I am fun 

I am funny 

I am supportive and supported in everything I do in life 

I am surrounded by amazing people 

I am aligned in service to those around me 

I am truly blessed 

I am alive 

I am vibrant 

I am healthy 

I am whole 

I am healed 

I am a healer 

I am an amazing friend 

I am a kind and loving daughter 

I am a kind loving supportive sister 

I am mobile 

I am strong 

I am intelligent 

I am interesting 

I am an eternal student and seeker information 

I am a trailblazer 

I am an entrepreneur 

I am a physiotherapist 

I am love

Who are you?

Who are you telling yourself you are every day through your "I am" messages? Are they positive, kind, loving, supportive and valid? or Are they negative?

We have a choice of what we choose to focus on.

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