I ask myself, who would I have been had I stayed? Would I be the same person today? And my answer I get is probably not because all my experiences and opportunities for growth would have been different.

So, I own everything that has happened in my life in the last 20 years and before that to…

And I am so grateful for all these experiences for they have allowed me to become who I am today and I am a richer fuller human being for having them. They have also helped me to connect even more with those around me and all my clients and for that I am grateful.

What I have learnt about


loving myself first and foremost,

loving others,

when to help and when to observe,






being present,

speaking my truth,

honouring and acknowledging my inner knowing,

listening deeply to others,

knowing when to speak and when to listen,

what support looks like for me in my life,

meaningful connection,







what being an entrepreneur looks like for me,

what expansion feels like,

what juicy living feels like,

what I want my life to look like and be like;

what my definition of fun is

has changed me forever and for that, I am deeply grateful.  

What are you grateful for today?

What was a pivotal moment in your life that has influenced you to be who you are today?

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