I recently did a talk on this topic in my mastermind group earlier last week and I wanted to share some of my insights with you today

So, I ask myself the following key questions before the talk,

  1. What makes my body more resilient?
  2. How does my body create energy?
  3. How can I support the body so that I have a steady stream and source of never-ending energy?…..

So, I believe it all starts with our mitochondria… those ancient bacteria that developed into cells over time. These tiny cells are the powerhouses of our bodies…. They control how much energy our bodies generate continuously throughout the day

But here is the thing, life has changed over time and we have so many stressors around nowadays that influence these cells negatively. But I don’t think we are all aware of this. I know I wasn’t for many years.

I loved the book minding my mitochondria written by Dr Terry Wahls and I refer all my clients with Multiple Sclerosis to read this book. Followed by another favourite, The Wahls Protocol. Here Terry Wahls talks about so much including the supplements that help support these tiny cells to generate more energy. And it all starts with focussing on caring for these tiny cells.

Everything I do throughout the day, I ask myself is this going to deplete or support my mitochondria and it has made all the difference.

Did you know that your eyes, brain and heart and ovaries in women have the highest concentration of mitochondria than other organs? And there is so much we can do to support these organs and the mitochondria in these organs from getting depleted by implementing simple strategies.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will share with you the strategies that I have implemented and the differences it has made in my life, so keep an eye out for these.

 Let me know below what your aha’s or take homes were from this blog. I’d love to hear from you

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