Grounding is something that I became more aware of about 5 years ago. 

There is so much electromagnetic stress applied to the body from WiFi, cell phones, wifi, cell tower masts, computers, radio & TV broadcasts,  Bluetooth, power lines, domestic wiring, and other electrical appliances. I didn't really understand the impact of this on my body all those years ago and why I felt better when I went for a walk on the beach or walked barefoot on the grass. 

You see when we walk on the beach or barefoot in the grass, we get earthed! This means that we release the extra charge that our bodies are carrying. I love walking barefoot but the information out there states that walking barefoot on the carpet, wooden floors and tiled floors don't have the same effect as in walking barefoot and connecting with the earth's electrical current when walking on grass and the beach. 

We use surge protector plus to protect our appliances but have we thought about ourselves? It is only really becoming more talked about now.  

Five years ago through a friend, I came across a company called Groundology and I wanted to do my own research on grounding but there was not alot of information out there apart from the company Groundology. 

What was interesting was the health benefits and effects that grounding has on the body and this got my attention. this is what I found out through research online: 

  1.  Improved immune function 
  2. Reduction of inflammation 
  3. Reduced stress / anxiety / irritability 
  4. Reduced electrosensitivity
  5. Improved digestion 
  6. Improved sleep 
  7. Rapid healing of injuries 
  8. Improved blood circulation 
  9. Harmonisation and stabilisation of the body's basic biological rhythms 
  10. Accelerated recovery from intense athletic activity 

The first 6 health benefits got my attention and I thought it was worth a trial and I have not looked back and have been using it for the past 5 years. 

Now there are a variety of options that help us earth ourselves ranging from: 

  1. Earthing mats and mouse pads so that you can be earthes whilst working on your computer
  2. bedding such as pillow cases, fitted sheets so that you can be earthed whilst sleeping 
  3. The also have earthing wrist and waist belts but this is not something that appeals to me. 
  4. And more recently now they have grounding socks and grounding flipflops which I think is cool and easy to use and no one needs to know the difference unless we want them to know about it, right? 

For the last 5 years, I have been sleeping using my grounding fitted sheets and pillowcase and it does affect the quality of my sleep. I was sold on getting it when I read all the health benefits that grounding influences and especially the scientific research that showed the before grounding and after grounding images showing a dramatic thinning and decoupling of the blood cells. (these blood samples were taken during research into grounding by Dr Stephen Sinatra MD. Click here to have a look for yourself. )

I am quite sensitive to electromagnet currents and what I found out recently is that our clothing can also carry electromagnetic currents and influence our bodies resting charge when I tested myself. I think more people are becoming sensitive as well and it is being talked about more in health books then more prevalent it becomes. 

Nowadays, I will walk barefoot or sit with my feet on the grass for a few minutes and the difference it makes to my body is noticeable. But in winter, this is the last thing I want to do and hence I am thinking of trialling out the grounding socks this autumn and winter. I will keep you posted on what I find.  

I hope you have found this interesting, relevant and useful

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