If you are someone or (you know someone) dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Head Injury or a Stroke then you need to read this…(Your doctor won’t tell you this because conventional medicine is not even talking it about or looking at this yet). 

Everybody thinks that when dealing with these conditions it's all about your brain. But what you don’t know is that your gut has just as important a role to play. The gut has a far more important role to play because of the direct link it has with your brain. Your gut tells your brain what to think, what to eat and what hormones should be working or not working in your body. 

Research indicates that Parkinson’s Disease starts in the gut and that Stroke is caused by increased inflammation in the body. 

Some of my clients who have implemented some of the strategies report having: 

  • more physical energy,
  • better memory (no more walking into the room and forgetting what you came in for), think and process information quicker, 
  • less brain fog and more clarity of thought, 
  • achieve more in the day (Walk the kids to and from school without falling) 

I believe that how we manage gut health is an important part of our rehabilitation in neurology. 

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