I know 2 clients with similar diagnoses, both doing the same rehabilitation. The big difference between them is the difference in their mindset.

Client 1 

  • is curious about learning more about his injury and his body, and exploring movement and what if feels like even though he may not be able to do the movement fully. 
  • goes home and implements everything we talk about and trial in the clinic. 
  • has the mindset that he can learn from his physio and Personal trainer. He realises that he needs help, in the beginning, to feel the movement and access the movement before moving it across into his home and personal training sessions. 
  • is open to being guided so he can re-experience what it feels like to use certain muscles again and what the movements feel like that he lost the ability to do before. 
  • focusses at least 20 minutes on his rehabilitation daily that has been outlined in physio. 
  • has gained half the range of movement and strength back since his injury and does indoor climbing as part of his rehabilitation. 

Client 2 

  • has the defined understanding of the role of physio. I.e. his mindset is that physios can tell him what to do and help gain flexibility but strengthening is done by Personal Trainers and not in physio sessions. 
  • learns by seeing and does not like hands on movement and wants to be able to do the movement. .independently from the get-go. 
  • Is not interested in the opinion of the physio of whether now is the right time to trial specific activities. 
  • will focus some of his time on his rehabilitation in his physiotherapy and personal training sessions and the rest of the time is for living. 

But learnt behaviour and traits can be changed if we want to improve and grow. So what do you think is the secret to maximal recovery after an injury? The above scenario is a real-life extract that I work with. Which one do you think does better? Which one do you think is achieving more holistic improving? Which client 1 or 2 do you affiliate yourself with most?