Over the last 24 years of working in neuro rehab, I have witnessed first hand how limiting beliefs have influenced what some clients have achieved physically.

Some limiting beliefs like: 

"I will get weaker and there is nothing I can do"

"There is no point in trying"

"If my doctor says that is it, it must be true"

These will negatively impact on what is possible in rehabilitation. I have worked with so many clients who in the beginning believed that no change was possible, but with the right guidance and mindset shifts, some clients were able to shift from 

  • A - "there is nothing I can do"


  • B - "What else can I do that could help me now even though my diagnosis is changing."

I have uncovered the top 12 mindset shifts clients go through in rehabilitation and work on these with each of my 1-2-1 clients to help them make more profound shifts in their rehab. 

Hope this helps you think about your own mindset in your rehab.

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