Every day, we do what we can, in the way we know, with the knowledge and resources that we have.

But there is this desire gnawing away inside saying: 

  • You can do more 
  • You can achieve more 
  • And I know I can

The thing is I just don't know how? Until now, the things I have done haven't gotten me the results I am looking for. Does that me I was wasting my time? Absolutely not!

It just means that I probably wasn't focussing my attention on the right things at the right time. There comes a point when enough is enough, to keep going in the way that I am, doing everything in my power but I'm not quite getting where I want to be!! When my desire inside is so strong that I can no longer ignore it. It is at that time when action is required on my part. 

In order to get to the next level, I may need help and support to guide me at each step along the way. Why? Well, you"ll see when you say yes to the desire and the dream you hold for yourself. 

Our dreams are like new plants. It is fragile and needs shelter and protection, the right amount of sunlight and water as it takes root. The wind, the rain, the frost make it vulnerable to dying.

This is the same as old behaviours, patterns and habits being applied to a new desire and dream. Old behaviours, programs, habits get us the current results we have been getting all along. It all needs to change in order for us to grow and succeed.

This requires trust, an open willingness to being lead, guided and supported and this takes courage! This is what neurophysiotherapy is all about. You tell me what you want to achieve. I determine how we are going to get to as close to your goal or past your goal and how I am going to guide and support you every step of the way!

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