Sometimes clients become impatient during the rehab process...

Things take too long, longer than anyone anticipated. And then they give up or stop or try something else when they so close to a breakthrough. I have seen this so many times, where clients stop just as progress is visible. Sometimes we sabotage ourselves.

You see unknown to us there is an unconscious pay off for staying the same that we may not have admitted to ourselves.

There is the issue of staying the same versus moving movement.

I know what this is like. I have had many mentors help and guide me through moments like this too; so having been through situations to draw on, where I have negotiated how to move forward and not stay stuck, has helped me to help others with this.

Not all clients experience this. It happens when there is a fear or story we tell ourselves about why staying the same is better for us.

But it is not true. There are experiences and moments that we are stopping ourselves from having, that are meaningful to us.

I know it is not logical but it is worth taking the time to get past this with support so you can keep progressing and moving forward.

Moments like:

  • Like being able to go out or go travelling with a loved one
  • Being able to keep up physically with your kids
  • Go and pick your kids up from school
  • Go out with your son and daughter independently without help or support needed

I help you make the gains around strength flexibility and mobility in order to do the things that bring you the most joy and that are most meaningful to you and your life.

What are the meaningful moments that are important in your life that you are working on getting back to doing?

If this has helped you, then please know I have so much more to share in my 'Movers And Shakers' facebook group (it's free). I'd love to see you in there.