During the 1st 5 years as a Neurophysio, I never focussed on the importance of motivation focus and drive and a healthy mindset because all my clients had it and it came naturally. And whilst I was very good at what I did and I helped hundreds of clients through their own rehab journey, I knew that there was more to learnt to become an even better Neuro physio. 

It was only when I changed my working environment to work with clients who didn't know how to get motivated and do more for themselves or clients who presented with challenging behaviour due to the front parts of the brain being affected that I really had to get creative as a neurophysio. 

I believe that this was when I really became a very well rounded neurophysio when I really had to be creative, more flexible and dynamic about how I helped clients access movement and their rehabilitation. How I helped them experience movement sometimes without explaining the What and Why, because that wasn't always relevant at the time. 

But also how I took the time to explain things over and over until some clients were ready to start to move. This was where I witnessed how so many people were misunderstood, especially when people didn't take the time to understand the message behind the behaviour. This was where they were labelled before we worked with them as "unrehabbable" or "non-compliant with therapy". 

Once as a team we took the time to understand the triggers of the behaviour, the message of the behaviour, how to manage behaviour with positive programming, when to stop treatment, when to start treatment and establishing rapport and trust with clients, we were able to achieve some amazing results.

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