Something I also witnessed was that not all physios are the same. There were some physios I worked with who didn't make it in this environment due to being fixed in their approach to rehab and how they executed rehab.

Because they lacked creativity in how to get the client to do physio or access movement, they came in with agenda instead of being flexible and open and coming in with 5 or 6 options of what could be tried today.

They lacked the awareness of how to capitalise of small moments of connections that just looked like chatting or socialising could help establish better rapport and trust and connection that would help with open clear communication and possibility and opportunity for rehab in the right moments.

And lastly, they liked working alone, but in this environment, we achieved so much more by working as a cohesive dynamic flexible team where all our opinions were respected, trusted and appreciated.

Some clients were discharged home, some to independent living centres, some into care homes and some went onto to transitional living units in preparation for being discharged home.  Rehab takes as long as it takes. This is not always something that can be rushed!

But during that time and journey:

  • rapport,
  • trust, 
  • active listening, 
  • open discussion, 
  • support, 
  • motivation, 
  • laughter, 
  • celebration of progress and triumph

These are so important along with:

  • exceptional observation skills, 
  • analysis of how people move, 
  • figuring out where to work and what to focus on next to help my clients achieve more physically.

This is how I helped my past and present clients excel in their rehab and exceed their expectations of what is possible.

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