Today I want to talk about change.  

The concept of change is something I am constantly talking about with all my 1-2-1 clients in the clinic. And working with this is so important in neurorehabilitation.

  • Do you struggle with change? If you do, then this post could really help you.  
  • Is this something to move towards or run away from?
  • Is this something to need time to get your head around first before you can take action?

The brain and body likes stimulation. The brain likes novel stimulation. This means that we need different types of stimulus for the brain to wake up and take note or pay attention. This means we need to do different things, change up our routines, and so things in different ways.  I completely understand the importance of being in control of your body especially after a neurological injury. I get that it can feel very scary to do something in addition to not knowing how your body is going to respond. I get it completely.

As physios, we will often get you to go things in different ways. Yes, it will feel uncomfortable but the important thing to remember is that I as your physio:

  • I know your body
  • I know when it is ready to try something new and 
  • I will only ever do things that I know your body is ready to experience.  

But even though your body is ready, part of my role as your physio is also to help you get your head around things...because the calmer and more open you are, the more successful and positive the experience. Another great thing is that I break things down into bite-size chunks to make it easier for your body to experience. 

And before you know it, you have done the whole movement.  So no matter what drawbacks you're facing, keep at it! 

You can do whatever you set your mind to with the right support, guidance and direction from your physio!

If this has helped you, then please know I have so much more to share in my 'Movers And Shakers' facebook group (it's free). I'd love to see you in there.