I do think that my mindset has helped me navigate those bumps in the road I call my life both in a personal and a professional capacity. 

I'll always see what is possible for clients and I enjoy walking with them, side by side, in their rehabilitation journey's as they each take the steps to reach their goals.

I know and believe from my own experiences that it's easier to get there with support, with someone encouraging you to keep going when you are so close to achieving your goal and you want to give up. 

Because you haven't achieved what you wanted to yet, even though you were almost there, literally at the finish line! 

Support can make a huge difference, especially when we have:

  • negative self-talk or
  • when we struggle with managing fatigue or
  • when learning new movements or experiences. 

How much are you willing to be supported by people? 

How do you see support from others?  

Is it cheating?  

Does it detract from your own progress?  

Or is it helping you when you need it most, with the things you need most? 

Support can come in many forms: the more aware you are of how support shows up in your daily life and where you turn it down, the more aware you can be and the more you can influence this. 

If this has helped you, then please know I have so much more to share in my 'Movers And Shakers' facebook group (it's free). I'd love to see you in there.