I've realised a while back I am so much more than I allowed myself to acknowledge  

I am a mentor/coach I am sensitive to energy 

I am an empath I feel deeply and wholeheartedly 

I am very intuitive 

I am deeply spiritual 

I am a qualified reiki practitioner  

I am a physio, pilates rehab specialist, posture specialist, movement specialist 

I believe in alternative therapy and energy healing 

I believe in energy work 

I believe in the seen and the unseen 

I believe that we can heal our bodies from the inside out if we so choose 

I believe that we each have so much power over our bodies and whether it thrives, heals, or declines in health is influenced by our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  

Sometimes we compartmentalize ourselves, thinking that that is the best way to fit in, right? 

Because we need to feel seen, heard and accepted. 

These are important needs that drive all of us, the need to belong and to be loved.  

The more personal transformation I have achieved in my own body and life, the more and more I shifted away from fitting into boxes. 

I never liked being boxed in from a very early age, because on some level I knew I was unique and I liked being different  

The more I let go and shifted, the more and more I reveled in the truth that being different and unique is a gift and the more I accepted,

acknowledged who I am and owned my unique gifts with every fiber of my being, 

the more the real me gets to shine fully I quickly realised that the old way of working, just focussing on the physical did not bring me the same joy as before, 

because I knew a different way, more efficient and effective way was possible.  

I had to give myself permission for more of me to shine through in my work.  

Yes, it meant doing things differently, and going against the grain and most importantly remaining true to me. 

My clients have focussed so much more on all of them and getting the desired results they were looking for.  

It's not about someone else doing the work for you 

The more empowered you become and the more ownership you take of your body, your life, and the life you want to create for yourself, 

the more you will be guided to work with amazing people who are doing the transformational work on themselves.  

It is important to know that your mentor or coach knows what you are going through because they have personal transformation experience and they continually work on themselves to be the best versions of themselves and leading by example. 

This helps you trust more fully, allowing yourself to be held and supported during your unique transformation makes all the difference. It's about someone holding sacred space for you, facilitating, guiding, supporting, witnessing, and leading you as you change and transform 

Love and Blessings 

Natalie xx

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