The more I focus on my health and nutrition with each year that passes, the more I see health as wealth. I believe that it is worth the time, energy, focus and discipline. 

I remember being very ill as a teenager and not being able to go out, hang out with friends and exercise for 6 months. So healthy eating started at an early age in our house.  I have been following a gluten-free dairy-free for 16 years. 

On this journey, I've made more refinement as to what supports my health vitality and my body and making these shifts have been a conscious one. You see I see nutrition as self-love 

Are the foods I am putting into my mouth hurting my body and my health? Or are the foods I put into my mouth supporting nourishing and healing my body and enhancing my health and vitality 

So now this is a no brainer for me when I phrase it this way. Instead, before I honestly thought I was missing out on yummy things, but over time I understood more and more that these very things were harming my body 

Do you know which foods you eat may be harmful to your body and which foods may help your body thrive? 

How do you view food in its role to fuel and support your body? 

I am curious to know your views. 

Let me know below.

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