Today's love letter is about acknowledging everything in your body and what you are sorry about. Don't underestimate the power of this process. 

I am sorry it took me so long to realise what I was doing

I am sorry I didn't listen from the start 

I'm sorry that it took an injury and a multitude of little problems that turned into a diagnosis for you for fully listen and show up for you 

I am sorry that I took you for granted and expected you to do everything for me but didn't look after you in the way you deserved 

I am grateful for this opportunity to show up I have learnt from this and these situations and I always show up for you and I will always put your needs first

I realise my most important relationship in this life-time is with you, it's with myself 

For if I can't love you fully and conditionally how could I love another fully

Love and Blessing 

Natalie x

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