I have been going through a real metamorphosis over past 18 years but more intensely over this past year and I am no where near complete. The depths of my transformation have been so profound that I know with every fibre of my being that the only way forward is through.

There is no going back, because finally I am awake, and I see with so much more clarity just how amazing life is and can be.

🔥I have been through a massive death/rebirth process over this past year and it has been magical and worth it.

As I transitioned from the Old Me to the New Me, I got to decide that this process could be exciting and exquisite and not uncomfortable and this has made all the difference. The right focus, attitude, support and attention makes all the difference during this inner journey

My identity has shifted so much over these past 9 months and I become acquainted with more parts of me that have been there as well as parts that become visible and awake. The more I shift, the more I have to pause and recalibrate to the new place I am at.

Each week that goes by, I find myself asking myself:
❤️Who am I now and what am I here to do?❤️

The answer has not changed but more pieces of the puzzle have been revealed. It has been a process of presence, surrender, flow and deep allowing and acceptance that more will be revealed in the right moments.

How many times do we want to rush the process of getting there NOW?

In society and life we have been spoilt with things happening right now.

Don't get me wrong for some people the change can be instantaneous and for others the process is slower. The worst thing we can do is compare each of our journeys with each others. Why? Because your journey is yours alone and so is mine. And self discovery, or re-awakening or re-discovery is not something you can rush.

All my life I have been a go getter, someone who pushes, who makes it happen but I am being guided to do things differently.

And right now I feel like I am in a dance with life itself.

🔥I am leaning in

🔥I let go more and more every day of what I don't need in my life, what no longer resonates energetically, physically in my body, and emotionally

🔥I am listening to the inner guidance

🔥I am following what I am being guided to do no matter without questioning why?

🔥I am learning to trust life fully and I know that with every fibre of my being I am loved by life and the Divine.

🔥I know that life and the Divine want to support my every request.

🔥A big shift that needed to happen first was trusting in myself and showing up for myself more fully and deeply than I ever have before.

🔥Yes I have learnt to get out of my own way and stop sabotaging myself from living my miraculous life

🔥The more I trust fully with deep discernment that I am on the true path my soul wants me to be on and not questioning the guidance I am given, the more miraculous and synchronistic life becomes.

I keep reminding myself that we are always at Choice to continue to:
🌹Deflect or block / control OR Allow things to unfold

🌹Judging yourself and or others OR Embrace and love everything about yourself and everyone you meet

🌹Stay where you are OR moving forward and choose something different

🌹Stay unaware OR become more aware

🌹Blame others OR taking ownership for your part, what is unresolved and influencing how you show up, how you react and interact in your relationships

🌹Push/Hustle OR being in flow and choosing the path of ease

What I have seen through my own journey is that, the more inner work you do, the more your body, life and relationships change in the most amazing ways.

This process gets to happen at your own pace as you are ready to take the leap and it can happen in stages. Sometimes you have to leap even if you think you are not ready yet!

It all starts with a CHOICE

Yes it takes courage to look inside and do the hard work, but it is so worth it.

I am being called to step up in a big way and help others navigate their way back to their own bodies so they too can thrive.

Love and Blessings 

Natalie xx

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