To heal your body, you have to be in communion with your body, with awareness and curiosity of what is. This is where you start! 

A body in constant stress cannot heal! It is just not possible.

How do we change the frequency in the body to heal? We have to work with the body physically and energetically to shift what is being held in the tissues and cells. It cannot just be done with physical bodywork. It has to be combined with energetic bodywork and some mindset tweaks to create the lasting change you seek! 

The body is your roadmap, you just have to know how to read it. Once you do, you will be in the driver's seat, you will know how to love, care for, nurture, work with, and know-how to help energy shift out of your body in the most nourishing way for you in each moment. 

This is what we do in Unleashed.

The more connected you become with your body 

The more time your nervous system spends in a parasympathetic state 

The more connected you are to your breath

The stronger your communication with your body

The more you follow through on your body's sacred wisdom, and guidance 

This is where power and alchemy is because you are one with body.

Think of all the life force you take back when you are no longer at war with your body.