So many clients say: "I struggle not being in control of my own body."

"I have difficulty knowing if my body is going to support me and for how long"

"This makes it very hard to predict how much I can do"

"I recall the time all my friends invited me out. It took so much energy to just show up and be there. It's so hard for people to understand just how hard my body is working to do what seems like normal easy things now. This means that my body gets so tired so quickly."

"This means I need more sleep, more food, more rests during the day and most of all more support."

Support is something that I don't really want but I know I need it and this is hard for me to come to terms with sometimes. 

By accepting the help and support, it feels like I have to admit to myself that this is how things have to be more and moving forward.

But if I acknowledge this, am I also saying to myself that I accept it will be like moving forward because that's the part I just cannot accept and comes to terms with.

Because I don't believe things will always be like this.

I just need the right help, the right guidance, the right exercise program to get me on track with gaining strength and mobility back in my body.

I believe this and feel this at my core.

So where do I find that magic recipe of right physio, right exercises, right timing to up level to the next level exercises because I want to keep moving forward?

I know what it feels like to try exercises at the wrong time and fail at it.

It sucks,

I feel like I failed,

I feel frustrated,


Surely there's an easier way of doing things,

But there is also an opportunity to xxxx

It is an invitation to get curious about our habits, behavioural patterns that run the show in the background that we were not aware of.  

So my question for you today is: xxxxx? 

Love and Blessing 

Natalie x

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