It's my job as a neurophysio to: 

** Educate you to know what to do once you no longer need physioEducate you on how your body works and what signs yo look out for and how to manage these

** Teach you how to execute specific movements and movement sequences optimally

** Help you develop routines and daily habits that support your body's ongoing rehab and health and wellness

**Teach you how you care for and support your body in the short and long term to prevent injuries and complications 

** Teach you how to connect more with your body and feel into how your body feels and what it is asking for in terms of support or therapy. Meaning movement versus rest, strengthening versus stretching or both

** Learning what is supporting for your body and what is not. This is unique to each of us These brain-body connection, body awareness and mindset hacks are essential to you being able to manage and support your own body moving forward without the need for ongoing neurophysio on a long term basis

** Help you learn to trust, believe and show up for your body in ways you couldn't before. 

** Give you the skills to teach you how to connect with your body by getting your brain and body working together again.  

** Help you establish that brain-body connection It's through this that you develop the deeper listening and deeper knowing with your body so you know what you need in every moment after your rehab. This is what rehab is all about. 

Love and Blessing 

Natalie x

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