We are stronger than the circumstances that currently surround us. 

We are surrounded by cycles  

The cycle of life 

The cycle of the moon from new moon to the full moon 

The cycle of the tides from low to high tide 

The cycle of seasons and how each season has a purpose and is just as important as the next. Without planting you can't grow anything and have a harvest We are surrounded by so much beauty around us and right now I am reminded of the importance of nature and winter. 

It has been a stressful year for everyone. 

We have all been on the same roller-coaster ride! 

But there is only so much stress your body can take before it starts to affect your body and possibly your health 

Right now, we have an opportunity to take control of the areas in our life that we can influence, that we can change, and where we can make an impact so that once lockdown is lifted and once winter has passed, we come out of this stronger, healthier and happier.  

Decide for yourself: 

Where you will allow your attention and focus will go during this period?  

What is most important to you and your life? 

What brings you joy and see how you have more joyous moments in your life?  

What are you grateful for on a daily basis?  

Let's bring more love, joy, gratitude and compassion into our lives right now and moving forward love, joy, gratitude and laughter all release endorphins in the body that strengthen and protect the immune system  

Lockdown gives us an opportunity to be fully present without distractions. 

Connecting with your breathing also brings you back to the present moment. The more you breathe and the deeper you breathe, the more oxygen you take into your body and the stronger your immune system becomes.  We are always going to have situations or circumstances that will be challenging or stressful. 

This we don't have control over, but we do have a choice of how we navigate stressful or challenging moments that we face.  

Remember, this too shall pass and in the meantime let's work towards where we want to be after we come out of lockdown.

Love and Blessings

Natalie x