It is so important to find the balance between theta and delta brainwaves (where your brain is allowed to rest and restore it's balance) and alpha and beta brainwaves where your brain is alert and active.  

It is not healthy to have your brain on go all the time. If your brain is overactive, this can also affect the quality of your sleep. This means you may not have as much deep sleep.  So, it is important to find the balance between having your brain on and on send and relaxed. There are several things that you can use to achieve a healthy balance. 

Anyone can give you a list and I will unpack the things that I use that I have found to be most valuable  

The first one is journaling. It is an empowering way of getting your thoughts out of your head. It also means you don't always have to speak to someone about them or share them with anyone. I have found this to really help me when I am ruminating or thinking about something as I am up levelling or in the past when I was very stressed.  

I sit quietly either in nature on in a quiet place indoors. I start by centring myself and breathing. Then I allow my unfiltered thoughts to flow and I capture them on paper. It is surprising the insights and realisations that can come through as you do this. This is called a brain dump. I use this any time of the day when I need to. Either in the morning, during the day or last thing before bed. This can be a game-changer if you have not tried it yet.  

Check out the blogs over this coming week to see the rest of the list of things I do to help me find and maintain my mental balance

Love and Blessings

Natalie x