"Don't die with your music still in you!"

I remember Wayne Dyer talking about this. He and his daughter Serena wrote a book with this title. In times when I am being called to grow, step up, expand, serve on a bigger scale, I remember these words.

Fear can cripple us, hold us back, keep us stuck from making or saying yes to the very decision that has the power to change everything.

What if you said yes to something your heart or body is calling you to say yes even though you are scared. Be scared and say yes!!

I will never forget my trip to Orlando universal studios. I had the most incredible financial mentor who helped me grow and stretch as a person on so many levels, it is too many to count and share in this post

But I want to talk to you about universal studios.
Let me start by saying i hate fairs, rides. Part of our mastermind experience was spending a day and evening out on rides with a view to stretching or finding your edges.
What is a hard No?
What is a maybe?
What is a Yes?

What was amazing was going through this and sharing this experience with 11 other amazing women who also enjoying growing and stretching themselves.
What was so beautiful was the support we each provided each other as we tested our own limits.

I made it a game, I removed all expectations, pressure to conform from myself at the start and i embraced fun and curiosity and this made all the difference.

What was interesting was the feeling i felt before and after certain rides.

I had no idea what I was saying yes to most of the time because I couldn't see the ride. It is amazing the difference this made.

My only hard no was for 2 rides. One of them being The Hulk. Loops and going upside down is not something my stomach can cope well with if you know what I mean

It was wonderful to witness everyone's edges with rides and this relates to everything right.

There is a saying How you do one thing is how you do everything

If you are called to take the leap, do yourself a favour. Just say yes. Don't give your brain a chance to catch up and sabotage you.
Saying Yes is a leap of faith
The most miraculous things, growth and transformation happens when we take a leap of faith. Thus me, I know. I have been doing this every year for the past 7 years where I choose to work with specific mentors who will help me grow in the areas I would I to expand in with support and guidance. This post is not about bragging, its about sharing part of my story of how I got out of my own way, asked for help and said Hell Yes to new opportunities even though I was scared.

Don't let your fear stop you from living your best life
It takes courage to listen to what your heart is asking you to do and say Yes to it.

It's easy for the mind to focus on what's wrong what could go wrong, why now is not the right time to do things but there is never going to be a good or right time with that type of thinking.

Focus on the outcome you want
Focus on the end goal when you say Yes to what is calling you right now

Where have you been holding yourself back?
Where is your hard edge or Big No's?
What is a maybe?

Start with what's a Yes and a maybe if you are new to taking leaps.

Love and Blessings 

Natalie xx

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