When life circumstances called you to be fiercely independent, to question everything, that sometimes it's easier to just do it yourself, to be autonomous, a go getting, someone who makes things happen,  it takes a few health scares to make you stop and reflect and consciously choose a new way forward. Trust me I get it! This was me!

I have been doing the inner work over the past 10 to 15 years to shift this pattern and habit of being.

This past year has been a year of profound and deep transformation for me.

I have learnt to let go, lean in, surrender to the Divine, I have had to learn what it feels like to trust fully again
To trust myself
To trust my body
To trust life
To trust in love
To trust in people

I had to relearn what it feels like to be fully supported
I have had to relearn what it is like to willingly allow myself to be supported, protected, provided for, nurtured, cherished and adored

This is a very different way of being.

And this all started with deepening my relationship with myself
Its been a year of self discovery
A year of shedding what was not mine, what I've outgrown
It has been a rediscovery of self and an unveiling of the real me
Falling in love with myself
Looking in the mirror and see my true inner and outer beauty is the gift of life itself from the Divine
It is a gift to be able to see ourselves the way the Divine sees us
Like everything this depends on our choice and our reality, the reality we choose to live from and live in

To see beauty
To see courage
To see bravery
To see love
To see laughter
To see joy
This is a choice

I am a life long learner. For the first time instead of learning educational material, I have been learning more about me, who I am, what my soul desires, where my body is willing to meet me, where I have to meet my body as I embark on my soul work.

My soul has been restless for a few year. It took letting go emotionally of old unresolved emotions
Letting go physically of material possessions that no longer resonate
Letting go physically of what no longer resonates in my business with programs, packages, approaches, and clients
Letting go physically in my body and healing my body from the inside out
My body has a new liver, a new stomach and digestion system, a nee back and neck. I feel young and youthful because I willingly chose a new way and put down everything that was not mine to carry.

I chose to write or create a new rule book for myself of how life is from now moving forward

This is a choice to leave the old way behind, the old way of struggling, of pushing, of the hustle, the slog, the grind, the working. I've been building up to this point slowly over the past 3 years.

I know there are so many people going through the same process.

I've been asking the deep questions:
Who am I when I am not a physio?

Who do I want to be?

What excites me?

How do I want to be spending my time?

What is my soul work now?

Is it the same or different from what I have been doing for the past 25 years?

Stay tuned for Part 2 

Love and Blessings 

Natalie xx