Is it your conscious or unconscious mind?

Who are you allowing in to guide you? 

No one or the Divine? 

No judgement here! 

For so long, I wouldn't allow myself to be guided, not fully really. And I allowed my unconscious thoughts to influence the reality I created in this lifetime. 

You know most of our experiences between the ages of 0 to 7 years dictate how we respond and interact with people, how we see, hear, and process the information and what we make that mean.

The only way life changes; is to do the internal healing work. 

For so long, I carried around this anger, this hurt, resentment that influenced everything. 

I had a permanent F8ck off sign-up aimed at Men, and The Divine. I just didn't it was up permanently. I thought I processed it, but I never got to the root of it. 

The pain, the betrayal, the hurt ran deep. I was simply clearing the next layer that was coming up to be cleared. 

But I see now that I could go as deep as I would allow or as deep as I could tolerate at the time. Because I was not ready on some level to feel the deep-rooted hurt, anger, resentment. It was an evolving process that helped me shift this. 

A softening

A willingness to open

A willingness to be patient 

An allowing for this to shift in the most organic and least traumatic way for me

An allowing for flow and for this to happen in ways when the timing was right and when things were organically ready to shift

As my awareness and my connection with the Divine, more shifts took place

As my awareness with and my connection deepened even more fully with my body, more shifts took place

But what I also realised was that no amount of forcing would allow it to clear quicker. 

Sometimes things take time as some wounds run deeper than others. And that's ok. 

I kept having to remind myself and I still have to remind myself:

Be patient with yourself 

Be patient with your body

Be patient with your unfolding 

It is taking place according to Divine timing and your Divine Will and Choice 

Be gentle with yourself as your transformation unfolds

You are unfolding beautifully and perfectly so there is no need to rush, push or force it to happen quicker 

You will still have the same insights and awareness because the right moments will allow it to unfold at the right time for you

Your journey is Yours alone

So much has changed

I feel so much more peaceful in my body

I never know I could get to this place

I never know peace like this before and until now

Peace in my mind

Pause in my body

Openness in my heart and mind

To your evolving unfolding ❤️

Love and Blessings 

Natalie xx

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