Healing requires love, self-acceptance, forgiveness and allowing.

If you hate parts of your body how can you expect your body to heal

I remember seeing an image with 2 petri dishes one with the word love and one with hate

Words carry vibration and frequency

Hate carries a certain vibration and so does love

The more you tell yourself you hate parts of your body

You hate your cellulite

You hate your thighs

You hate your lines etc

You hate the changes taking place in your body 

The more disharmony you create in your body

The more the frequency of dis-ease in your body

Louise Hay's life work was about helping us to love ourselves.

Her book, Heal Your Body, showed how certain emotions held in the body contributed to dis-ease, it highlighted probable causes to physical issues, and the information needed to overcome and create to help create new thought patterns. 

She loved mirror work and affirmations 

Telling herself she was beautiful

Telling herself she loved herself

Telling herself she was bright, creative, loving, nurturing etc

I know it is more complicated than this and affirmations without emotional healing or inner work doesn't always work. 

Energy flows where your attention goes

Instead of focusing on what's wrong, or what you hate about your body

Focus on: 

What is working,

What has improved, 

What you love about your body 

This is powerful work 

This helps things change too

Words have power

Words have impact

So does your focus and your awareness 

Your words through your thoughts have an impact on your body, your health, and your healing

Are you choosing kind and loving or unkind words?

And in so doing, are you making it easier or harder for your body to heal right now?

Love and Blessings 

Natalie xx

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