For so long my foot had always been on the gas

Going flat out

Learning to pause, lean in, let go felt like I was stationery

It felt like I was stuck

Stuck in the mud

But like quicksand, the more you struggle, the quicker you get sucked in and down and the faster the descent 

The calmer you are, the more controlled gentle, and slower the descent

I had to get comfortable with going in deeper

I had to get comfortable with feeling stuck

I had to get comfortable with pausing, slowing down and in fact, being fully stationary going nowhere anytime soon

So instead, the deeper I went within myself

The more I opened

The more I paused

The more patient I had to become with myself and what was unfolding

The more I surrendered control because I knew was not in charge, I couldn't will it and or force it to happen any quicker for me

And like quicksand, I had to let go of frustration, that it wasn't happening quickly enough according to my timing.

I had to let go of the frustration that no amount of thinking about it would will it to change any faster

I surrendered to the fact that being in the void is where the magic and the transformation takes place that my soul seeks. 

At that point, I fully surrendered control and allowed myself to be fully guided by the Divine 

And for that, I am profoundly grateful 

I love change

I seek the what's next

I know there is more Divine guidance coming through the more I surrender and every step I take on my divine path

What are you opening up to right now?

Love and Blessings 

Natalie xx

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