Darling, it is time!

Darling, it is time to pay attention to your body!

Time to pay attention to what your body has to say!

Time to pay attention to what you know in your heart but you have overridden the message because you don't feel ready, or you feel scared.

Trust me I understand!

But, have you considered this?...... 

What if the message you are ignoring is the very one that is the game-changer for your body, your health, and your life? 

What then?

Would you say yes then if you knew that?

We don't get to know before the time. You will only figure that out during the journey or at the end of the journey which moment was the pivotal moment of change in your life!! 

Here's what I know and believe through my own experiences:

Taking the time to release emotions stuck in the body is a fundamental part of healing your body, loving your body, loving your life, and opening yourself up to the awe and wonder of life around you!! 

The only way out is through!! 

Are you ready? 

Remember, you don't have to take the journey alone, Love ❤️

You can do it side by side at your own pace knowing that there will be a helping hand available at any step when you need it ❤️

What would it feel like to have support, love, connection, community, compassion, guidance as you did it? 

You get to decide for you

You get to choose

Love and Blessings 

Natalie xx

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