It's not really progress, because I still can't use my hand and do anything with my arm! Even though my shoulder and elbow strength has improved.

How many of you can relate to this statement? 

I know from speaking to so many clients that progress is measured differently compared with the physio. You can see your shoulder is making progress. 

You can see your elbow making progress too. You can start to move your arm alone now without needing help. But in your eyes, it's not enough. 

It's not enough progress because it should be more by now It's taking so long. Here's the thing progress is not linear when it comes to the brain, the nervous system and regaining strength. 

What do I mean by that? 

As you are doing your rehabilitation, the brain is relearning movement. We are working on creating new neural connections. The more repetitions you do with the right awareness and focus, the more you help your brain learn. No one can also say how long this will take for change to be witnessed physically. No one can tell the brain, focus on the shoulder or the hand or foot or hip first. 

As more neural connections are made, your brain-body connection with a certain part of your body changes. Certain movements will feel easier. 

Take Elsa for example, she started to see progress in her arm after daily zoom sessions during lockdown over a 7 week period. Granted we were working together twice-weekly beforehand for 2 months, but with the daily awareness and input that her brain and body are getting, we are witnessing progress from session to session. 

And now her arm is much stronger, she is learning how to work against her body weight. The brain and body need the conditions. This is the right exercises, carried out at the right time in rehab with the right focus, attention and awareness repeated over a period of time. This magic recipe is what I use with my clients. So, now ask yourself, am I focussing on the right thing during my exercises? Is my brain actively involved or is it just my body?

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Love and Blessing

Natalie x

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