Over the past 2 blog posts, I have been sharing my journey with my intermittent fasting and fasting.

What you will realise is that it took me 6 years to build up doing my first fast and everything I did during that time was helping and strengthening my body and my mind. 

There is so much correlation that can be drawn upon in what I've shared and the lessons I have learnt on this journey also relate to rehabilitation.

1. Rehabilitation takes time 

2. This journey of recovery cannot be rushed and it takes as long as it takes

3. Be patient and understand that the body takes time to heal and regenerate 

4. Nothing is instant 

5. Focus on progress and not perfect 

6. Celebrate all your wins big and small 

7. A lot of changes happens inside of your body first before you see the external changes and progress that you are looking for

8. With a healthy mindset, more progress is possible

Stay tuned for the next blog that will share the next 7 lessons in rehab

Love and Blessings

Natalie x