It's fascinating what the body asks for now and what the body will and won't tolerate post-co-vid compared with pre-co-vid. 

I've been witnessing this with curiosity and wonder. 

There can be no more pushing hard or pushing through or overworking 

The body has been given a wonderful taste of what life is like when it is in balance 

We have been given a gift the gift of time  

Time for everything that is important I mean really important 

  • Time to breathe, meditate and feed your soul daily
  • Time to ponder and read 
  • Time moving in nature daily 
  • Time to feed, nourish and heal your body 
  • Time to savour a healthy hearty home-cooked meal 
  • Time to connection and laughter 
  • Time for work 
  • Time for what brings you joy and feeds your heart 
  • Time for rest 

This is new normal and there is no going back 

There is a new way 

Perhaps a smarter way of how your body is asking you to move forward 

A way of getting back to basics and fundamentals to bring your body back into balance

And of what is most important to you right here, right now 

What have you realised at this time? 

What has your body been telling you or asking you to do more of?  

An important part of rehabilitation is learning to listen to and work with your body 

But the bigger question is are you fighting against or working with your body?  

It's not wrong or right It's an internal process and journey that you navigate fir yourself  

And there is so much power and strength in knowing, acknowledging, listening to and working with your body 

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Love and Blessings

Natalie x