Sometimes the body says,
"Sorry, not today. I'm really tired and I need to rest" Other days the body says "Yes, I'm ready now, let's go!" 

But how do you navigate that frustration you feel when your body doesn't listen to you?

When it wants to rest at what feels like the wrong times when you need to go and move and do things 

Sometimes it feels like you are dragging yourself around just to be able to keep up with all the demands placed on you 

But what if there is an easier way of doing things that you are not aware of? 

Wouldn't it be amazing if you didn't have to struggle and fight against your body all the time?  

There is often a hard way and an easier way 

And right now, you have been doing things the harder way, not by choice but because you were not told that there was an easier way through 

What if you can understand and listen to your body more so that you can learn to work with your body instead of against?  

So that you can find your balance 

This is key to your recipe of regaining your freedom of movement, mobility, strength and independence.  

This will help you to know 

  • when to train, 
  • when to rest, 
  • what to do to manage, support, love and nurture your body as you regain your 

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Love and Blessings

Natalie x