Through the rehab journey, there are going to be stages when you feel frustrated, because the changes and progress that you are looking for, is taking a lot longer to show up. 

In fact, it feels like forever to you. 

You are putting in the time and exercise, but that big goal you have, you just can't seem to get there!

You are also worried and fearful of 

➡falling outdoors and need help getting up 

➡Not being sure that you can regain your movement and strength 

➡You need to have a contingency plan in case your body is tired and you need to sit down because you can only stay up on your feet for specific periods of time 

This can really wear you down especially if it constantly feels like a struggle to move your body and like you are not really making progress; even though you are working hard with nothing to show as progress! 

I get it! 

It is much harder to stay focussed, motivated and on point, if the results you are looking for, just are not showing up. 

Take one of my client's for example:

She has been working very hard and making incredible progress over the past 9 months. In her mind, she has not changed because she quantifies her progress as reaching her end goal and not the small goals in between along the way.  

With this mindset, it is harder to see your change and improvements and this can impact on your motivation and drive to keep going even though you are progressing well. 

There is this inner struggle going on of "keep going everyone is telling you that you are doing well" and the other side of "what is the point, I still can't dance or move my hand yet!" 

In order to manage a mindset pattern like this, accountability and support are essential to help you make the switch and flip the mindset belief to one of tracking and owning your incremental progress along the way that you are making. It helps to see where you are not allowing yourself to see change and progress. This frees up energy and brainpower to focus more on your body. 

What would it feel like believing and knowing that you are in control of your body and your mobility so that 

➡You can move freely so dancing, going on long walking, jogging, 

➡You can feel strong, stable and grounded on your feet when you are up with a deep knowing that?  

This is all possible!  

And knowing that regaining strength and control is possible is an essential part of achieving your mobility goals.  

The other part is having the right program showing you what exercises to do, with what focus and awareness, and how many reps and often to complete them.  

So if you are ready to regain your freedom of movement then click here to find out more. 

Love and Blessings 

Natalie x