The past 7 months we have all been on a massive roller-coaster ride.

And the reality of the matter is that it is not done.

There has been talk of another little lockdown here in London

The reality is that it's only autumn and the start of the colder season. Which means that having flexible options would be really helpful right now.

Why? Because there is nothing worse than starting something, getting into a good routine only to have this routine interrupted by something completely out of your control.

So what do you do?

During March, you were caught off guard and you couldn't really prepare for it

But now, you have a bit more information, you know that physio and rehab is possible online
In fact, you know that it can be as successful in some cases according to the research

So right now, you have a choice how you navigate the next period of change
I have a choice
We all have a choice and there is no judgement here only truth!

The choice is to keep doing things the way you have been and keep getting frustrated because the old way of performing your rehab is no longer feasible because it is not flexible or dynamic to adapt to the changing times

Or your other choice is to adapt!

You can try something different!

Adapt to a new way of working and executing your rehab that allows you to 

➡train from anywhere including from home 

➡train without it costing you a fortune 

➡Fit your rehab into your daily routine 

➡Have support available online and in a weekly group call where you can hash out what you are struggling with and find strategies to help you shift things 

➡Learn from others as they share what works for help and you may find strength in knowing that you may be working on similar goals with others in the group too. 

➡And by having buddies in the group who encourage and support you, your motivation stays up and you keep chipping away at your rehab and your goals.

The time to act is now
Why because you know what you want to achieve 3 or 6-months from now

Your strength and flexibility has not been the same since march

And you are not about to watch your body get weaker through this winter period

So it is time to make a decision
It is time to act and take action for yourself for your body for your dreams and goals that have been put on hold this year
But you can still take action and make progress

Don't let the circumstances of what is happening around you define what you achieve with your body this year

Come New Year's Eve 2020; when you look back, what do you want to be saying to yourself or your loved ones as you toast the new year in
Is it going to be?
"Wow what a year and no matter what happened, I still improved and came out on top and I am starting 2021 even stronger that I thought would be possible

Or is it going to be: ahh there is always next year
This year was just so tough and it stopped me from achieving my mobility goals I had.

Only you can decide

If you are ready to take action right now on your mobility, the rock your mobility membership is open. Drop me a message if you'd like to know more

Love and Blessings 

Natalie x