As you get older you all have a choice whether you allow your body to become weaker or stronger.  

The decision is up to YOU  

You decide when you take action and when you push autopilot and allow things to remain the same and how long you sit on autopilot before you take action again. 

The journey of coming back to yourself takes time 

Having reduced mobility and weakness helps you learn more about yourself and your body  

You appreciate the movement that you have  

You hunger for the day you can move with ease, feel the freedom of movement and in control of your body and that your arm and or leg feels a part of your body again 

Through this process you learn about so much more through this journey of coming back to yourself  

You discover strength from within that you didn't know you had  

You discover a belief that you can feel in your bones that you will improve, that you will regain strength, freedom and mobility again  

You discover that you have a deeper connection with your body and you understand your body and what it needs and when  

You discover that you have laser focus and attention on your goals and you are willing to go the extra mile for your body and for yourself  

If you are ready to discover more about how to regain your freedom of movement, strength and control again then click here to find out more

Love and Blessings 

Natalie x