So much has happened that has influenced things and that has influenced your mobility that has been out of your control. 

But it is important to ask yourself the following in order to move forward:

Are you happy with your mobility right now?
Are you tired of dragging your body around?
Are you tired of not being able to keep up with your loved one?

There's a part of you that knows it doesn't have to be like this

You remember a time when moving around was easier and you crave to be able to move your legs with ease again and be able to walk with your legs feeling freer and lighter

Well, this can be possible again!

Your body is just waiting for the right exercises, the right approach, right awareness
Your brain is dynamic and plastic and is ready to reconnect with your body again so you can regain the strength you lost in your leg.

The body and brain are incredible how they work together

Each client who has overcome his or her impairment has blown me away with the progress they have each achieved

It takes so much courage to keep working away and taking actions towards your big mobility goals

The things that stand out in all my clients who achieved their mobility goals was their unwavering belief in their own ability to overcome their current situation and this opinion was the only one that mattered.

They didn't know what to do or how to do it and that's where I came in to guide them on each of their rehab journeys

Take Louis for example: 

He regained 75% mobility and strength within a 3 year period of working together. He went from not being able to move his arm away from his body 10 degrees out to the side to going back to work 4 days a work lifting and carrying boxes, lifting weights, doing handstands, going cycling, snowboarding and skiing again.

So if you have arm weakness, but you know that you can regain more movement in your arm, you are just not sure what to be doing to get there. Then, I can definitely help you with your arm strengthening.

Click here to find out more about the 30-Day arm rehab program starting January 2021 with 2 live exercises sessions delivered weekly by me over the 30 Day period. 

Love and Blessings

Natalie x