Each year I reflect on my life and my life goals, what I have achieved and embraced and where the next areas of growth and expansion are for me to be the best version of myself.

There are a few things I could have done better and that's ok.

There will always be things that can be done better

There will always be areas of improvement and growth in your life that you will find if living a full life is important to you

But what is also important is how you speak to yourself and how you support yourself during periods of change, growth and transition.

This is the most important thing

Learning to speak to yourself with love, kindness, compassion is vital as you navigate challenges
Be  or learn to be your own cheerleader
I know this can be hard especially if your eyes have been trained to see what's wrong first instead of what's right

Trust me I know

I used to be like that

It took surrounding myself with amazing mentors and coaches who helped me develop this muscle whilst I worked on the big goals I set for myself

It takes daily practice and ongoing support from those mentors and friends who can give you objective feedback when the only thing you can focus on is subjective feedback

I know how hard this is when you are changing a habit that is so ingrained and second nature

But change is always possible

I have learnt that we have a choice whether we want support or whether we want to go solo when changing.

There is no right or wrong way
There is only YOUR way of embracing change

What I have learnt is that having an amazing community of like-minded people and mentors/coaches/therapists to guide me has meant that I don't have to do it alone.

I can ask for help, support and guidance when I need help and help is readily available

I don't have to struggle on my own

I can use the wisdom that my therapists/mentors  have to:
➡️Learn the lesson quicker,
➡️Get support where I am stuck
➡️Reframe how I look at things,
➡️Implement the change quicker and
➡️Transition quicker onto the next step

That is what it is about for me

This is why embracing change has become easier, because I know I am not alone as I am doing it

And that makes all the difference

Rehabilitation is the same
➡️You don't have to struggle alone when you can have specialised guidance and support
➡️You don't have to stay stuck with the problems you are having when a specialist can
➡️You don't have to keep doing things the same way if there is an easier way of doing things for you
➡️You don't have to come up with the solutions by yourself if someone else knows the solution that can get you more effective results and quicker that you are looking for

How would it feel to have readily available support at your fingertips to get solutions to problems you are having in your day-to-day?

How would it feel to know you don't have to be the one to keep figuring out what exercises you have to do, when and how often?

How would it feel if you could tap into an amazing community of like-minded clients going through things with you for additional support?

How would it feel to show up for live exercise online from the comfort of your home a few times a week without having to travel to or from physio and save your energy for the things that are really important to you instead of using it for travelling?

How would it feel knowing that getting support, guidance and Live exercise neuro physio classes with a specialist can cost a fraction of the cost of in-clinic physio?

So if you are ready for a program that will:
➡️help you understand your body better,
➡️help get you the mobility results you are looking for,
➡️help you navigate the struggles through rehab and
➡️help you transition quicker through the moments when you get stuck

The next round of 30-Day rehab series starts Monday 4th January 2021. These will have 2 live exercise sessions weekly with me for the 30-Day period as well as a private weekly check-in with me.

Click here to find out more if you are ready to get started

Love and Blessings

Natalie x