For so long I have always felt full, overfull, of everything I never let go of or never healed, or cleared out of my body


This past year I've gone really deep with healing my body on all levels, but especially these last 7 months.

On reconnecting with my body in the deepest way possible physically.

Anyone who knows me well, knows my normal day to day diet is organic, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free with clean living making sure all my body products are paraben and sulphate free and that my home products are safe for my body. And living this way feels easy, nurturing and supportive because I know my body ultimately benefits from this.

I thought I had done everything physically to help my body heal but my food sensitivities were still there even though I cleansed and fasted biannually. My body on some level was asking for more help 6 months ago and it wanted me to go deeper. I am fanatical about my nutrition, about my body's health and wellness and how I can optimise my body from the inside out.

These past 2 months I've been cleansing my body more deeply starting with a 3 day water fast

Followed by a liver cleanse and heavy metal detox

Followed by a gut and liver cleanse. This cleanse has been intense but so so so good as it removes, repairs and restores the gut to health. I've been working on healing and maintaining my gut health for the past 24 years after meditation damaged and changed my gut lining.

But the difference this time has been to also go much deeper emotionally and spiritually and cleanse here too. This has made all the difference.

My body is feeling light, energised, alive and so much freer.

What is so amazing is the deepened connection I now have with my body internally.

Now my organs are talking to me in a whole new way and giving me more direction than ever before and I am following!

My lymphatic system is the other areas I am focusing on right now physically on a daily basis because one of the most important ways of flushing out toxins is to make sure the lymphatic system can work optimally.

What does detoxing look to you?

What change is your body asking of you right now?

Love Natalie xx