I had to let go of fear and learn to trust
I had to believe in the unknown, the unseen and believe with every fiber of my being that anything is possible because I create my own reality

It was about seeing with my heart and feeling it in my bones way before my eyes could see it

Do you know what I mean?

Our greatest mission is live our soul mission on earth not what we think we are meant to do.

I am so much more than a physio, a sister, daughter, friend, lover

And doing the soul work has helped me find me and come back fully to who I am. My wish is that everyone has the opportunity in this lifetime to experience this is they so choose. It really isn't for the faint hearted.

I remember reaching the point one day 4 years ago when I decided that enough is enough. It can't always be this hard.

Is it hard because I only know how to push?
I realised I was so used to pushing and hustling that I didn't how to be still

Trust me learning to sit still if you are used to taking constant action will feel like torture for those A type personalities out there like me
I had to get learning what it is like to just be present, to have a loose plan and allow myself to be guided and shown a better way, I had to give up control the need to over control, the to do lists, releasing perfectionism. I had to embrace and enjoy being imperfectly me. Embracing and loving all my quirkiness, because this makes me uniquely me.

Embrace my weaknesses and turn then into strengths by owning it, not forcing it to be different. I had to allow things to be as they were and observe with in myself how this felt.

I am so grateful to all the amazing people I have met along then way of coming back to me. I have had the pleasure of working with amazing female mentors who saw my magic, my light that I to share and who helped me see as much as I was willing to allow in at the time. Thank you for believing in me, helping supporting me and helping to hold the vision with me of who I was becoming.

I am home.

Love and Blessings 

Natalie xx

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