Now that the weather is changing 

The days are getting shorter 

It's raining more  

The chances of slipping, tripping and falling are much higher   

If right now you are finding walking outdoors harder because  

Your leg(s) are weaker and heavier 

You can't walk as far 

You have to hook in a friend's or loved one when walking to feel safe and confident you won't fall   

This means that you are more dependent on help and support right now  

It does not have to stay this way!

What if you can become stronger on your feet for Winter with a program that fits around your daily schedule? 

How amazing would it be if you walk outdoors:  

➡ without needing to hold onto a loved one or frame to keep you upright   

➡ With the confidence that your legs can support you  

➡ Without falling over  

Take a moment to think about this   

➡ Feel the relief inside you knowing you can walk without worrying about falling 

 ➡ Feel the deep knowing that your legs won't give way underneath you 

 ➡ Feel the excitement of being able to go out walking alone and without any help   

Now take a moment to think about what new opportunities would this open up for you?  

If you are you ready to take the reins of your rehab and get back on track, click here to find out more.   

Love and Blessings 

Natalie x