I completed my first fast last year over Easter and I managed to complete 3.5 days. 

I have been fasting this past weekend. And today is the 4th day of my fast. 

This year, my body is stronger and more resilient. My mindset when I started this was "Let's see what my body is telling me and how long it would like me to do this for?" This mindset is different from the one that says from the start: "You must complete all 5 days fasting or else it's not good enough!"

The first mindset is supportive and healthy whereas the second mindset is forcing and unhealthy and not supportive if the full goal is not reached.

Yes I know it takes mental strength and discipline but it is also about having a BIG WHY?  My BIG WHY for starting fasting was to help my body heal and regenerate. That's right regenerate! 

After the first 3 days, the body starts a process called Autophagy. This is where the mitochondria eat the old, dying or damaged cells that make us prone to causing us to age and to develop dis-ease in the body. 

As we age we start to make less and have less healthy mitochondria. The important thing is to preserve the healthy mitochondria in the body and to reduce or remove the damaged mitochondria in the body. 

We also grow new stem cells during this period.  The energy spent on processing food and getting nutrients around the body and the body's elimination process is all focussed on my internal organs get a chance to rest, repair, and restore themselves. This is what I love about fasting! And knowing what is happening in my body gives me the drive to keep seeing. What has been so important is that I have not forced my body to do a 5-day fast. 

My mindset of let's see how far we get this time is what has helped me now consider fasting for day 5 right now, And if I complete my fast today, it is still a win in my books because I have gone further and felt stronger with my second fast.  

It is important to do your own research and consult a medical professional for all those considering this.