Sometimes we choose to change and sometimes change is sprung upon us. I know that right now, so much is changing. Nothing feels like it is constant and you probably also feeling like you have no grounding or even footing right now. 

Regardless of whether a change is imposed or chosen, we have some chose in how we choose to respond. You see, change can be worth it, especially from a personal development standpoint. Let’s face it, nothing has really prepared us for this kind of change that we are all facing right now. But there could be an incredible opportunity for growth, expansion and personal development right now.  

The question is: How have you embraced change right now for yourself?

There are some individuals who are embracing the change and using this moment to try new things, and new ways of doing things and others are not ready for the change, in fact they may be fighting the change with fixed thinking of how to do things and there is no room for new ways only the old way that has been working all along until now.

Now if you look deeper at what might be going on in the minds of these clients as I have with 24 years’ experience, you will notice the story running of  “I am scared, I am not ready for this change, But what if it does not work, I know the old way better, I can’t see a way through”

This can be a tricky one because your mind is telling you that staying the same and not trying new ways feels safer and the safer I feel, the calmer I feel and this is the one thing I have control over.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You see change is something we live with and get to witness every day. We have seasons, cycles, birthdays, and so many amazing examples all around us. I know that trying new things can be scary, but the mind is trying to keep you safe. What if you said instead: I am scared, I am going to try anyway? You see once we say yes to something new, unknown, unfamiliar to us, the mind will go and will want to answer all the questions that will be coming up in an attempt to help us feel safe. Once we know this, we can catch ourselves. There is a part as we navigate change where our mindset, beliefs, vision and action all have to line up.

Sometimes looking at change as part of our expansion, personal growth and development can be helpful. One thing I have learnt that once the new thing has been tried, the afterthought is usually one of That was not so bad, what was I scared of.  The trick is to do this in a way that feels safe and this can be done over 1, 2, 5 10, 20 steps and this will vary for each of us.

Take one of my clients' she has been making incredible progress over the past 11 weeks of daily online zoom sessions. We just added in new exercises because she has made so much progress and she became frustrated with why she couldn’t do these new exercises instantly. You see, she had forgotten that 10 weeks ago, she couldn’t do most of the exercises that she is now able to do with ease. This is a wonderful reminder of once we have embraced the change, it becomes the new baseline and we forget what the old one was like. It is amazing how the mind forgets those. I reminded her of this, and this is a natural part of progress. Having the right support around to help you catch yourself and push through these moments, when you want to stop and not move through. But the differences are incredible, for her it’s the difference between being able to do exercises with her arm and leg in lying and now being able to do full body weight yoga postures like a long arm plank, downward dog.  Had she said no, had she not tried, then this would not be possible now.

Hey, I get it, no one said it would be easy, but it’s definitely worth it. I know my client believes that, and this is why she now has more resilience when we try new things.

The question I have for you today is; has your thinking or mindset held you back by believing that virtual rehab couldn’t work for you before trying it first to rule it out completely for yourself?

Love and Blessing 

Natalie x

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